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Hello everybody out there,

we hope you are a great day so far! We had been a bit absent from our blog here over the past few months. Which does not mean we are not active - rather the opposite, probably. But you know that if you check our shop from time to time, follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter or subscribed to our newsletter. However, we love the opportunity this blog offers. To write a bit more for those who like to know a bit more. Today, we focus on a topic that we worked on intensely during winter time - women. A topic close to us as we get inspired by other womens lives, achievements and faith. 

For quite a while we had the idea of featuring carefully selected women and put them in the spotlight by a postcard. If you take a careful look in the past, you are surprised to find quite a number of strong women that are worth discovering or rediscovering. Todays world, in many fields still, seems to be overrepresented by men. In the past, this has been even more extreme as things have already shifted a bit. Keeping this in mind, the life of some women in tha past decades and centuries has been even more amazing. Please feel invited and inspired to explore via postcards - "Women"! 

Somebody just sneaking a newly developed vehicle, get the young sons on board and ride for more than 100 km for the first time in 1888 - great job, Bertha Benz!

Suffering from Polio, confined to a wheelchair, being the founder of a company that is today known worldwide for its cuddly friends for generations? Chapeau, Margarete Steiff!

To travel with the daughter from Germany to Suriname to study and paint natures' wonders there - not a very common thing to do during the 17th century! The life and opus of Maria Sibylla Merian leaves us speechless.

Germany and the USA, actor, singer, entertainer and activist - the life of Marlene Dietrich has so many aspects it would easily fit into two! To just follow your own ideas against all odds and on top become a fashion icon - for really independent women only!  

Dedicating your life to Science, mainly in a males-only environment, compete and work with the best, not letting going into exile stop you from your career - Vienna born Lise Meitner is one of the female role models in science. She was never awarded the Nobel Prize but, in the end, it did not make a difference.

To stand up for your ideals and giving the most precious, your own life, only aged 21. The story of Sophie Scholl and her brave comrades of the Nazi resistance group "The White Rose" leaved us sad and thoughtful and, at the same time, wakes us up to stand up for our own ideals, too, and appreciating the times we live in now in Germany.

These six fantastic women mark the starting point of our "Women" postcard series. We hope you will enjoy finding out more about those women and help us to put them in the spotlight. We have a long list of candiates to feature next - bear with us!

Thank you for reading this far, this is probably the longest blog post we ever wrote. Just too fascinating, these girls!

Addition end of June - we have extended this series to a total of 10 great women plus an extra card featuring several inspiring women of Germany


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