Scenes from... Life of a Postcrosser

Some years ago we discovered Postcrossing for us and this was a starting point of an epic postal travel around the world.

To write a postcard to a stranger out there in the world that you have never heard of before? A bit of an uncommon thing to do at first sight. The excitement - when will the first cards arrive back to my own mailbox and who might have sent them from where? It did not take long and we were hooked and fascinated! And, to be honest, even after a few years as postcrossers we still feel the excitement!

Along our journey with Postcrossing we noticed and experienced some aspects that were not so obvious in the beginning. We found postcards in your mailboxes and realised they are not for ourselves but for dear neighbours. Visiting souvenir shops while travelling became a nightmare for our families. We met some special heartwarming people via Postcrossing and made friends in real life. Attending Postcrossing meetings puts a new dimension to the hobby. Remote places on this planet come closer to us via postcards and we find the Aland Islands on the map within seconds. Yes, there are many surprised questions and strange looks. Postcards? Do they still exist? Don´t you think we have enough postcards at home by now? What do you mean when you talk about a rare country? 

We have put some aspect of this lovely hobby to a series of postcards. and proudly present - Life of a Postcrosser. It is our little hommage to the art of postcard writing.

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