Proudly presenting - the papertraveler

The starting point - the unvarnished truth

We love postcards! This confession certainly does not surprise anyone. When we explore new places, cities or countries, it happens almost automatically that some postcard shopping is added to our bag or backpack. Also, we take written postcards with us to mail them from a post box or to take them to a post office. Yes. We might be addicted to postcards.

The problem – well, who likes to talk about problems…

Kinks. Donkey ears. Maybe some other ugly quirks. Looking for the beloved cards - where may the last one have slipped, hiding in that bag? And did I not have some extra stamps left somewhere? Yes, that's what happened to us in the past. Hiding the cards between book pages was a rather poor solution. Not nice! There must be a better solution for this problem?

Finding a solution? - not easy but exciting ...

We searched, researched and did not find anything, none of the potential postcards transportation options convinced us. We had our heads full of ideas and thoughts for a while. And since half of the papersisters team is an engineer by profession (Maike), we called it a project - Let's do it ourselves! The first prototypes travelled with us throughout this year and passed the stress tests. So we are happy and also a little bit proud, no need to hide it anymore, but to present it with joy -

The solution - the facts - the papertraveler made by papersisters

It is an incredible moment to see our idea come to life - the papertraveler. And, best of all, to be able to introduce it to you!

These are the captivating characteristics:

  • Store and protect at least 50 postcards (standard size 10,5 x 14,8 cm) in 2 inside pockets. maximum size of postcards 12 x 17 cm.
  • two small pockets for items like stamps or business cards
  • Outer dimensions 13,5 cm width x 18,5 length
  • innovative material made of natural components, mainly cellulose
  • sustainable with FSC certification
  • tear proof and durable (the material is also used to produce bags and backpacks)
  • vegan
  • Design by papersisters, our webshop exclusive, featuring a fine embossing
  • stunning look and feel
  • handmade
  • made in Germany
  • each papertraveler is a unique item
  • great set of accessories included

The papertraveler in everyday life

Take it in your hand, fill it as you wish. In addition to postcards, the papertraveler is also ideal for stowing brochures, tickets and similar souvenirs, or even your passport. Use it, travel around. Trust the papertraveler and enjoy having it close to you wherever you go. Over time, the surface of the material will change slightly. We probably prefer with some patina, it ages nicely! As a perfect match, we also offer a storage for pens and co made of the same fabric – the pentraveler. Available in several cool colors.

What is important to us

We dedicated a lot of time and love to the papertraveler. We took the time to develop and did a lot of tweaking and testing to create a unique product that we can wholeheartedly recommend and love to use ourselves. It is not designed for fast consumption, and, against the trend, not made in Asia. A innovative sustainable fabric, hand-made in Germany, is transformed into a unique piece that remains. As with the printing of our postcards and stickers and the production of our stamps, magnets and buttons, we rely on made in Germany. Our country is part of our DNA, we like living here, and appreciate the opportunity to offer local quality products, even more if they are sustainable. And we know that we share these values ​​with our customers in Germany and the world.

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