Happy Postcrossing from... HPC series

Back in 2016, we launched the first version of our "Happy Postcrossing from..." Postcard series. No big surprise, we started with a card for Germany. Simply because it is our home country, and our online shop started with a german version so our customers were mainly people from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Since then, a lot has happened!

Releasing an english version of our shop in spring 2017 gave us the opportunity to reach out to people in the whole world. As a consequence, we issued the next versions of our Happy Postcrossing from... series. (Btw we just internally refer to it as HPC series as we like to keep it short.) Countries covered then were Finland, the Netherlands, Canada and Austria. In summer, we continued with adding France, the United States of America and Switzerland. As we enjoy creating these cards and it looks like some more people enjoy them, too, we continued later in 2017 with Italy. The year 2018 started off with the release of a new version of the HPC for Germany. We thought it was time to refresh the design (and reactions tell us you agree!). Now, we had the pleasure to add another three wonderful countries - Ireland, Great Britain and Belgium. 

What will be next? Well, we have plans, that is for sure! And if you believe we should give your favourite country some priority, just let us know! Either here in the comment or on our Facebook page. We love to hear your opinion!

Update April 2019 : there is a total of 43 countries available, 45 different designs, it is worth checking!

Update February 2020: It is 54 available countries now and quite a number of variants for some countries - check for your next holiday destination!!

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  • My wish for a postcard ...

    ... would of course be one from Norway ... ! ;-)

  • My wish for a Postcard

    My absolute favourite series of postcards is the stamp collages. They are Amazing :D

  • My favorite

    I love the collage series with the flags.

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