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In May 2019, all citizens of the European Union are entitled to vote to build a new parliament in Strasburg for the next five years. There are a lot of discussions going on currently - the Brexit, the new Copyright Law and common values. Many countries with different standpoints and interests for this Union that is far from being perfect. On the other hand, there are so many positive aspects not to be missed that impact our lives. Travelling with much freedom and few to no borders, free moving of goods without customs, freedom to settle and work in any member country and - last but not least - a basis for peace. Yes, we will definitely join in and vote and hope that many join in.

To share our enthusiasm, we decided to add from now on a stamp postcard of the European Union for free for all orders placed in our online shop www. until 26th of May 2019, the last day of the elections. To claim, just add the card at checkout.

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